Will Anielewicz

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  • Fairfax, California, United States of America



  • Will has been playing with computers since 1967. His high school was the first in Canada to have installed a room-sized IBM mainframe computer. He volunteered to be the full-time maintenance man in the facility. After completing an Honours Computer Science degree at York University in 1974, he was a multi-discipline Masters candidate combining Fine Arts, Computer Science, and Philosophy. The mandate was to create a computer graphics piano that could be used in live concert performances. In 1979 Will had one of the world’s first exhibitions of computer graphic art at the Canadian Computer Show in Toronto Canada. In 1981 he was one of the gang of computer artists at the first formal SIGGRAPH conference art show The show traveled to several locations calling itself Computer Culture Art Show ’81. One was at a Toronto Canada art gallery.

    In 1979 he was hired as the first employee of Omnibus Computer Graphics. In 1982, Will was the first employee of Alias Research which was eventually purchased by Autodesk. He joined Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) in San Rafael, California as a technical director, 1996-2003, was a senior software engineer at  Imagination Technologies 2012-2017, and lead software technical director at Alchemic Ltd. from 2017-2019.

    2020-present Retired and reverted to being a self-motivated computer artist. That’s how he started his adventure in computer graphics.



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