Sonya Haferkorn

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  • SIGGRAPH 1989

    Sonya Haferkorn is president of Metamorphosis Computer Concepts, a firm which specializes in the design and execution of computer imagery for broadcast and electronic media. One of the original employees at Omnibus Simulation, Haferkorn has been a professional computer designer/animator since 1982. She currently serves as executive design director at Four D Computer Graphics, New York, and color design advisor for the teleoperations research unit of Space Studies Institute in Princeton, New Jersey. In March 1988, her electronic translations of Josef Albers Interaction of Color premiered at the Guggenheim Museum, New York, as part of the Josef Albers Retrospective. An adjunct instructor at Pratt Institute, Haferkorn teaches for the master’s program in computer graphics, 3-D modeling for industrial design, and electronic illustration on the Macintosh.  


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