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  • Illinois, United States of America


  • The Advanced Visualization Laboratory (AVL) is led by Professor Donna Cox. In 1985, Donna began organizing “Renaissance Teams” at the NCSA. She coined the term “Renaissance Teams” to describe multidisciplinary teams of experts focused on solving visualization problems and providing guidelines for successful collaborations. Donna Cox along with AVL team members Bob Patterson, Stuart Levy, Jeff Carpenter, AJ Christensen, and Kalina Borkiewicz have collaborated with scientists, engineers, and technologists to create new technologies and visualization products.

    The AVL’s mission is to communicate science, inspiring audiences to learn about scientific concepts through capturing the thrill of scientific discovery and wonder of complex systems. Working in close collaboration with domain scientists, AVL creates high-resolution, cinematic, data-driven scientific visualizations. The AVL shares its work with the world through shows featured in digital full-dome planetariums, IMAX theaters, and documentary television.



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