Mushon Zer-Aviv

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  • Siggraph 2014

    Mushon Zer-Aviv is a designer, an educator and a media activist based in New York and Tel Aviv. His work involves media in public space and public space in media. Zer-Aviv’s collaborations include co-founding, a foxy design studio;, a tour of Gaza through the streets of Tel Aviv; Kriegspiel, a computer game version of the Situationist Game of War; the Turing Normalizing Machine, exploring algorithmic prejudice; Alef, the open-source multi-script font; the collaboratively authored book; and multiple government transparency and civic participation initiatives with the Public Knowledge Workshop. Zer-Aviv is also in charge of map design at He is an honorary resident at Eyebeam, an art and technology center in New York, and teaches digital media as a faculty member of Shenkar School of Engineering and Design. He blogs at and can be followed at @mushon.

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