Kevin Matthews

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  • SIGGRAPH 1996

    Kevin Matthews is C. E. O. of Artifice, Inc., a start-up software company developing and publishing 3D modeling and graphics software for environment design and design development. The lead product for Artifice is the award-winning DesignWorkshop(r), a virtual building toolkit for Power Macintosh. Professor Matthews is also on the faculty of the Department of Architecture of the University of Oregon, where he teaches design and directs the Design Integration Laboratory, developers of The Great Buildings Collection, a multimedia encyclopedia of architecture on CD-ROM, published by Van Nostrand Reinhold. He was born in Oregon, grew up in Massachusetts, and he went to college at Deep Springs College, at UC Santa Cruz, and as a graduate student at UC Berkeley, where he also taught in the Department of Architecture. He has worked in and consulted with a number of architecture firms on the west coast, and he was the original CAD systems architect for the Superconducting Super Collider project.  


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