Kathleen Husler

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  • New York, New York, United States of America


  • Kathleen Husler is curator at the New York Transit Museum. She is a public historian and educator with a background in curating, public history, museum administration, education, college teaching, and grant writing. Her expertise includes managing and interpreting history and cultural resources and engaging the public and broad audiences. She has curated major national exhibitions at New-York Historical Society, and she has had speaking experience with important media: CBS, NY Times, NPR, History Channel, BBC and at professional conferences such as Organization of American Historians, and the National Council on Public History. Her specialties include urban history, public spaces, New York, slavery, women, and brownstone neighborhoods.  Her many projects include Podcasts, cell phone tours, and websites on Lincoln and the Underground Railroad. Kathleen is the public historian for Incorrigibles.



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