Juli Laczko

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  • Budapest, Hungary


  • Juli Laczko is an intermedia artist engaged with critical research in visual arts and digital culture. She holds a practice-based doctoral degree from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts for her research on “Strategic Interactions between Hacker Culture and Contemporary Visual Arts”. Her artworks have appeared internationally from Leipzig, Vienna, Budapest, Zagreb, Bratislava to Istanbul and Nevada in group- and solo exhibitions. As an artist, she is most concerned with issues of social inclusion/exclusion, public and private, anti-authoritarian provocation, and feminist perspectives. Her artistic research is informed by the intersection of visual arts and hacker culture and focuses on articulating ‘intermediality’ in space. She pursues an experimental practice to render visible the mold of the material and the digital into particular temporalities. This artistic research is the result of the leverage of a decade of visual performance and material practices integrated by a critical pursuit. Laczko’s doctoral dissertation is currently being prepared for publishing in English and Hungarian. It briefly highlights the problem of gender stereotyping in the history of computing and hacker cultures. Her project aims to decode and recode cultural stereotyping by disassembling the machine interfaces that reinforce these codes, in order to speculate on possible parallel machine archaeologies.



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