Efi Fogel

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  • SIGGRAPH 2008

    Efi Fogel, MSc, Tel-Aviv University Efi Fogel is a co-founder of LucidLogix Ltd., a startup company that intends to deliver high performance 3D graphics systems. Efi Fogel is completing his Ph.D. studies at Tel-Aviv University. 3D Graphics and Computational Geometry are his main areas of interests. He is a member of the CGAL Editorial Board, and he is deeply involved with the design and implementation of the arrangement package of CGAL and its derivatives. Efi Fogel received his M.Sc. from Stanford University in 1989. He worked for Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) between 1989-1997 at the Advanced Graphics Devision, where he contributed to the specification of OpenGl among the other. After that Efi worked for Immersia Ltd, and he served as the CTO of Enbaya Ltd.  

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