Edward Johnston

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  • Union, New Jersey, United States of America



  • Ed Johnston is a practice-based design researcher and educator working in a variety of contexts involving interactive design and three-dimensional digital technologies. He is an Assistant Professor in the Robert Busch School of Design within the Michael Graves College at Kean University.

    Johnston has received numerous awards and grants including an Editor’s Choice Award at World Maker Faire New York, selection to the Lumen Prize 50, and multiple YAP grants from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities, partly funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. He has recently received funding for his research team to document the current spaces of Liberty Hall Museum in New Jersey using 360-degree photography and AR technologies.

    Johnston’s creative works have been exhibited nationally and internationally, including the Lumen Prize Exhibition in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. His work has also been shown at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles; the Tank Space for Performing and Visual Arts, NYC; the Philoctetes Center, NYC; iDMAa Conference 2013, Laguna Beach, CA; Work Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI; the Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, MD; the Emmanuel Gallery, Denver, Colorado; Video Art Festival Miden, Kalamata, Greece; the Cothenius Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

    Johnston’s work has been included in several publications including Olga Ast’s book Infinite Instances: Studies and Images of Time, the Irish publication SuperMassiveBlackHole, KEM’s Norwegian publication SIRKEL, and several others.

    He has also collaborated with researchers across disciplines to create visualizations and interactive environments. This includes work with museum specialists at Liberty Hall Museum, microbiology researchers at the University of Michigan Center for Live-Cell Imaging, as well as medical animators and imaging specialists at the APDB at the National Library of Medicine, NIH.



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