Donald M. Rorke

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  • The Knoll Group, Executive Vice President of Design (Worldwide)


  • SIGGRAPH 1991

    Donald M. Rorke, Executive Vice President of Design (Worldwide) for The Knoll Group, has over thirty years experience in professional design, management, and teaching. His unique career with both private industry and the U.S. government has included senior positions in operational, administrative, and design management. These positions have covered new product design and development, graphic design, interior design and space planning, architecture, facilities planning and management. Mr. Rorke earned Bachelor of Fine Arts and Masters of Industrial Design degrees from Syracuse University, and has recently taken part in special programs at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He has served also as a panel member and lecturer on design at seminars and colleges throughout North America. Mr. Rorke was Chairman of WORLDESIGN 88/NEWYORK, a quadrennial international conference and exhibition hosted by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) involving the most visionary designers in the world who represent 52 societies of industrial design in 37 countries and who influence over $100 billion worth of annual sales in world markets.


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