Catherine Owens

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  • Artist/Director


  • SIGGRAPH 2008

    Irish artist/director Catherine Owens creates installations that evolve through painting, sculpture, photography, sound, and video. She is well known for her collaboration with the Irish band U2 on their last four world tours. She co-directed “U2 3D,” a documentary of the band’s live performance in South America on their 2006 Vertigo tour. “U2 3D” is the first live-action feature-length 3D digital theatrical release.

    In 2005, she directed U2’s “Original of The Species” video, which explored CG motion capture technology. She has also created and directed visual content and animation for the San Francisco-based group Kronos Quartet and for the Chinese Pipa player Wu Man. Owens is currently working on a new body of drawings and creating content for the next U2 album and tour.

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