Brooke Keesling

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  • Bento Box Entertainment


  • Los Angeles, California, United States of America


  • Brooke Keesling is the Head of Animation Talent Development at Bento Box Entertainment. She hasworked in the animation and VFX industry for decades as a filmmaker, in recruiting & development, and in education. Prior to joining Bento Box, Brooke recruited animation talent for Cartoon Network, Disney, and Warner Bros. Keesling earned her MFA at CalArts where she produced the stopmotion film, Meatclown and the Student Academy Award winning film Boobie Girl. Upon graduation, she worked in practical and miniature VFX on many films as Inception, The Dark Knight, Hugo, and TheAviator. Brooke is the Vice President of ASIFAHollywood, a member ofWomen in Animation, on the advisory board of the GLAS Animation Festival, and she teaches in the Character Animation department at CalArts.

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