Beatrice Haines

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  • Beatrice Haines (b. 1986, London, UK) graduated with a Masters in Fine Art Printmaking from the Royal College of Art in 2010 and a degree in Illustration from Manchester School of Art in 2008 and. Since then, she has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions including the Jerwood Drawing Prize and completed residencies at the University of Abertay’s forensics lab, Marlborough College and Centrespace Gallery. Listed in Artlyst’s ‘top 10 artists under 30’, Haines is a Print Fellow at the Royal Academy of Arts. Winner of Anthology Art Prize, RBS Bursary award and the Mann and Daler Rowney drawing prizes, she continues to create artwork of a multi-disciplinary nature. Haines co-founded the artists collective ‘Rented by the Hour’, striving to exhibit artworks outside the white wall gallery space. A keen microscopist, Haines’ artwork is inspired by science and minute traces often overlooked in everyday life.



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