Atau Tanaka

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Most Recent Affiliation(s):

  • Sony CSL Paris


  • SIGGRAPH 2005

    Atau Tanaka is a composer and researcher spanning cultures and encompassing domains of artistic expression, scientific research, and industry. He was born in Tokyo and raised in the United States. He holds degrees in science and music from Harvard University and Stanford University’s CCRMA. He has conducted research at IRCAM in Paris and was Artistic Ambassador of Apple Computer Europe. In Japan he has been in residency at NTT/ICC and taught at the Universities of Keio, and Chukyo. He has worked in interactive music since the late 80s. Projects of sensor instruments and network music installations have received awards and support from the Fraunhofer Institute, Japanese Telecommunications Ministry, and the Daniel Langlois Foundation. He has served on committees of the Audio Engineering Society (AES), New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), and the board of ISEA. He is researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories (CSL) Paris. 

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