Arthur Elsenaar

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  • Arthur Elsenaar is an artist and an electrical engineer. He used to run his own pirate radio station, and he built the transmitters for many illegal radio and television stations throughout the Netherlands. He has developed radar-controlled interactive sculptures, interactive perfor-mance pieces, video installations, and audio installations. Elsenaar has also collaborated with Remko Scha, artist, programmer, and professor of computational linguistics at the University of Amsterdam, on a series of automatic performance pieces and video installations, which involve computer-controlled facial expression, algorithmic music, and synthetic speech. These works have been presented at scientific conferences, theater festivals, and art exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States. Elsenaar is currently finishing his PhD work, investigating the choreographic capabilities of the computer-controlled human face. His work challenges the traditional notion of facial expression as a conveyor of emotion and aims to develop a choreographic facial language.



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