Anna Kasnyik

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  • Budapest, Hungary


  • Anna Kasnyik (1982, Budapest, Hungary) and Courtney McMahon (1982, New York, USA) both live in Brooklyn, New York. Anna is a Graphic Designer. Courtney is a Group Account Director. They met working at an Agency in 2016. One day, on their lunch break, they started a conversation about being in their 30s and how different their experiences were. By age 32, Courtney was putting a marriage behind her and starting over with a plethora of TBD’s. Anna had already lived in five countries and created 13 “homes” by the age of 34.  None of this was what their mothers told them their 30s would be like. Anna and Courtney are united by their shared curiosity for this generation of women and their passion for creative storytelling.



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