Adam Nash

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  • Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



  • Melbourne-based artist, composer, programmer, performer and writer Adam Nash is internationally recognised as one of the most innovative and influential artists working in virtual environments, game engines, realtime 3D and mixedreality technology. His work us es audiovisual performance spaces, artificial intelligence, data/motion capture and generative platforms. His work has been presented in galleries, festivals and online in Australia, Europe, Asia and The Americas, including peak festivals SIGGRAPH, ISEA, ZERO1SJ, the Venice Biennale, Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, National Gallery of Victoria and National Portrait Gallery. He was the recipient of the inaugural Australia Council Second Life Artist in Residence and was artist in residence at Ars Electronica FutureLab. He was shortlisted for the National Art Award in New Media at the QGOMA in 2008. He has a PhD from the Centre for Animation and Interactive Media at RMIT University. He is Associate Dean of Digital Design at RMIT University.

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