Adam Laskowitz

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  • Adam Laskowitz is an artist, designer, and musician. He is currently a member of the media . architecture . computing program at the University at Buffalo (USA), pursuing a master of architecture and master of fine arts. He received a bachelor of science in architecture
    from the University at Buffalo in 2009. His current research focuses on the ways in which digital technologies can make mundane, everyday interactions with space surprising, entertaining, and exciting through a particular lens of sound production and consumption. His work deals
    with the interactions among people, places, and the objects that occupy space, focusing on the social and spatial implications of computing technologies. His work has been exhibited and published in Germany, France, Japan, and the United States. In the summer of 2012, he joined
    the Intel research labs in Portland, Oregon, where he is focusing on sensor networks and how complex datasets can be visualized for use by the public.



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