“Webtanks: Tools for Learning by Design” by Gill

  • ©Zann Gill

  • ©Zann Gill

  • ©Zann Gill

  • ©Zann Gill




    Webtanks: Tools for Learning by Design



    This paper describes a collaborative Web environment, or Webtank (think tank on the web) to support student learning by design. Targeted for high school students in a newly developed cross-disciplinary science and technology curriculum, it supports students in their design and invention projects. The paper describes results from a pilot test of the curriculum and additional student brainstorming sessions on “designing a Webtank to support design.” The Webtank serves three learning functions, as a:

    • Series of prompts to help student designer and inventors generate innovative, integrated design concepts and new inventions. Webtank prompts the thinking of individual students on their projects.

    • Framework to facilitate collaboration, where students interact with other students around issues that arise as they design their projects and integrate their individual projects into a larger, collaborative project plan.

    • Way to structure archives and resources in order to retrace creative processes that have occurred in this environment. The Webtank provides a vehicle for researchers to observe design and collaborative problem-solving in action.


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