“WebGLU development library for WebGL” by DeLillo

  • ©Benjamin P. DeLillo




    WebGLU development library for WebGL



    For more than a decade, rich 3D content on the web has only been available via external, often proprietary, browser plugins. However, a new standard has emerged to change this. WebGL, currently under development by the Khronos Group, is a standard specification for javascript bindings to OpenGL [Khronos 2009]. In September 2009 WebGL support made its way to development builds of Firefox 3.7. Since this time, WebGL has gained greater traction and visibility within developer communities. Although impressive demonstrations of WebGL are available [Vukicevic 2009], we believed that the creation of a development library would help kickstart interest in the creation of new applications.


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    2. Vukicevic, V., 2009. Webgl samples/demos and other bits. http://blog.vlad1.com/2009/09/21/webgl-samples/, September.

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