“Web3D dance composer: automatic composition of ballet sequences” by Soga, Umino, Yasuda and Yokoi

  • ©Asako Soga, Bin Umino, Takami Yasuda, and Shigeki Yokoi




    Web3D dance composer: automatic composition of ballet sequences



    Our research approach focuses on creating and composing new dance choreographies. As a case study of Web3D technology and its application, we have developed a system that supports the creation of classical ballet choreography in 3D environments. By using existing 3DCG applications, one can simulate already captured or strictly described dance animation. However, it is difficult to compose actual dances by describing the movement of each body part. Our approach  composes dance sequences by selecting basic steps from a  step list already provided. Since classical ballet typically consists of established steps, one can compose choreographies by connecting them. In addition, our proposed system can automatically create practical choreographies according to an algorithm that describes the characteristic features of  ballet. This system can be used for virtual lessons in dance education.     


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