“Warcraft’s Durotan: Hero, Complex”

  • ©Victor (Vick) Schutz, Paul Giacoppo, and Chase Cooper

  • ©Victor (Vick) Schutz, Paul Giacoppo, and Chase Cooper



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    Warcraft’s Durotan: Hero, Complex



    Director Duncan Jones’s idea for the Warcraft film was to tell the story from two sides. It was critical that the audience be able to empathize with the Orcs and their plight just as much as the human characters. The story of Durotan is that of a Chief trying to lead his Clan through uncertain times. While embracing the signature Warcraft style, ILM had to build a photoreal character that pushed new avenues of development at every step of the pipeline. From complex hair styles to pushing the boundaries of ILM’s performance capture to simulating the movement of skin over tusks, getting Durotan ready for his closeup was an extraordinary task.



    The authors would like to thank Jeff White, Jason Smith, Nigel Sumner, Bill Westenhofer, Duncan Jones, Wei Wang, Toby Kebbell, Steve Walton, Damian Steel, Ryan Gillis, Sunny Wei, Jung rock ”Rock” Hwang, Jung-Seung Hong, Stephen Bowline, An- drew Johnson, Brian Cantwell, Alex Suter, Tom Martinek, David Marsh, Nelson Sepulveda, all the great artists and engineers at ILM.


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