“Warcraft: Raising a Horde”

  • ©Chase Cooper, Eileen Bai, Brian Paik, and Victor (Vick) Schutz

  • ©Chase Cooper, Eileen Bai, Brian Paik, and Victor (Vick) Schutz



Entry Number: 57


    Warcraft: Raising a Horde



    For the film Warcraft, Industrial Light & Magic was tasked with creating an entire horde of orcs. The orcs would be individual unique members of different clans with variations in shape, gender, clothing, hair and materials. Unlike some crowd assets, these would be seen up close in many shots and would require the same level of detail as hero assets. To achieve this, we created a variation pipeline that was flexible in providing enough randomization to differentiate the likenesses of each orc clan member while allowing some efficient reuse of work across many disciplines. This approach to variation scaled to a large degree, and allowed us to reuse many aspects of the assets to obtain a level of detail uncommon for background creatures.



    The authors would like to thank Jason Smith, Jeff White, Bill Westenhofer, Duncan Jones, Paul Giacoppo, Damian Steel, Steve Wal- ton, Nic Sievers, Brian Cantwell, Paige Warner, Chris Karlberg, ShihMing Tay, Frankie Kwak, Stephen Bowline, and all the great artists and engineers at ILM.


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