“WAOH : Virtual Automotive HMI Evaluation Tool” by Woo, An, Oh and Hong

  • ©Seunghyun Woo, Daeyun An, Jongmin Oh, and Gibeom Hong

  • ©Seunghyun Woo, Daeyun An, Jongmin Oh, and Gibeom Hong

  • ©Seunghyun Woo, Daeyun An, Jongmin Oh, and Gibeom Hong



Entry Number: 32


    WAOH : Virtual Automotive HMI Evaluation Tool



    Due to various features being available in the vehicle such as multimedia, the dashboard has become rather complicated. Therefore, an increased need for HMI(Human Machine Interface) research has arisen in the design creation process. However, there are issues such as design changes occurring even after the design is selected due to the initial evaluation being too simple to cover all of the requirements. Designers do not consider carefully HMI the during sketching phase and issues with designs are discovered too far along in the process. This study suggests an HMI simulation tool system based on projection to pre-evaluate an HMI prior to selecting specifications through virtual function implementation. This system evaluates each function of centerfacia through quantitative criteria such as performance time and distraction time. As a result, the objective of the system is to quickly analyze and validate designs through virtual means and find interface issues with a quantitative method.


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