“Visual Thinkers in an Age of Computer Visualization: Problems and Possibilities” Moderated by

  • ©Vincent Argiro, John Andrew Berton Jr., Craig Hickman, and Thomas G. West



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    Visual Thinkers in an Age of Computer Visualization: Problems and Possibilities

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    As computer graphics and visualization techniques become more widely used, there is a need to focus on differing visual-spatial abilities among individual users. Certain psychologists consider visual-spatial abilities a form of intelligence, while certain neurologists suggest that there is a good reason for the verbal and educational difficulties sometimes experienced by highly gifted visual thinkers. Historical and contemporary examples of creative visual thinkers are discussed in relation to these findings. Panel participants debate the validity of these perspectives based on their own personal experiences with computer graphics in scientific visualization, education, and entertainment. Each panelist provides visual, concrete examples during the discussion.

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