“Visual Simulation of Ice and Frost with Sketch Input” by Amano and Itoh

  • ©Mikiko Amano and Takayuki Itoh

  • ©Mikiko Amano and Takayuki Itoh



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    Visual Simulation of Ice and Frost with Sketch Input




    Visual effects (called “VFX” in this poster) have expanded the range of expression and been necessary to enhance the mood for the story in films and videos. A variety of software tools which support producing VFX has been developed. Crystallization of ice and frost is one of the important VFX to set the mood. It often needs expertise skills to represent realistic crystallization of them as three-dimensional computer graphics (called “3DCG” in this poster) because of their complicated dendritic shape. It is still an open problem to develop the user-friendly software tool for crystal growth of ice and frost for 3DCG. Software tools for representations of these phenomena need to be procedural and straightforward. Thus, the goal of this study is to realize the tool which users can intuitively reproduce the phenomena including crystals of ice and frost sticking to and spreading on object surfaces with sketch input. 


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©Mikiko Amano and Takayuki Itoh ©Mikiko Amano and Takayuki Itoh


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