“Virtual silver clouds” by Figueroa and Merchan

  • ©Pablo Figueroa and Ricardo Merchan




    Virtual silver clouds



    Silver Clouds in an art work by Andy Warhol that allows people to be immersed in an environment with several ballons, which are moving around due to air flow from fans, heat from lights, and human intervention. We present our development of an installation that resembles Warhol’s work, in a virtual reality (VR) platform. Our goals with this development are both artistic and scientific: from one hand, we would like to recreate Warhol’s ideas in VR and implement some of his initial thoughts about this installation. From the other hand, this application is an excellent test case of application retargeting, or the ability of targeting a VR application to the most suitable characteristics of a hardware platform. A VR version of Silver Clouds poses several technical challenges, related to air-flow simulation, realistic rendering, interactivity, and real time collision detection, among others, which makes application retargeting challenging. This article shows how we developed the first prototypes of this application and our plans for research in application retargeting based on this development.


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