“View-dependent JPEG 2000-based mesh streaming” by Lin, Huan and Chen

  • ©Nien-Shien Lin, Ting-Hao Huan, and Bing-Yu Chen




    View-dependent JPEG 2000-based mesh streaming



    For PC and even mobile devices, video and image streaming tech- nologies, such as H.264 and JPEG/JPEG 2000, are already mature.  However, the 3D model streaming technology is still far from prac- tical use. Therefore, we wonder if 3D model streaming can di- rectly benefit from current image and video streaming technolo- gies. Hence, in this poster, we propose a mesh streaming method  based on geometry image [Gu et al. 2002] and integrate it into an existed client-server multimedia streaming server. In this method, the mesh data of a 3D scene is first converted into a JPEG 2000 (J2K)1 image. Based on the JPEG 2000 streaming technique, the  mesh data can then be transmitted as a mesh streaming. Further- more, the view-dependent issue is also taken into account. Since  we encode the 3D scene in a JPEG 2000 image, it is much suitable to be integrated into any existed image and video streaming system.  


    1. Gu, X., Gortler, S. J., and Hoppe, H. 2002. Geometry images. ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2002 Conference Proceedings) 21, 3, 355–361.

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