“Vietnam Remembered: Reflections on a War An Interactive Learning Resource” by Hoffman

  • ©Kenneth Hoffman

  • ©Kenneth Hoffman

  • ©Kenneth Hoffman

  • ©Kenneth Hoffman




    Vietnam Remembered: Reflections on a War An Interactive Learning Resource



    This presentation documents the creation of an interactive multimedia CD about the Vietnam War. Material used in the CD was selected from a website devoted to collecting reminiscences about the War from people who were affected by it. The website was designed so that visitors could view a portfolio of photo-graphs taken in Vietnam by the author and leave comments about the war or respond to the comments left by others. Messages were organized into an inverted pyramid structure using the HyperNews messaging software. A database of messages from the site can be found on the CD.

    The website was interactive from 1996 to 2004. This photographic gallery collected remembrances and commentaries left by over 5000 individuals from among hundreds of thousands that visited the site.

    The CD features a dramatic narrative of over 100 photo-graphs taken during the Vietnam War era combined with commentaries from veterans and others which are dramatically read by professional actors. The resulting presentation is a creative compilation of personal commentaries forming an oral history reflecting the effect of the Vietnam War on soldiers and civilians.


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