“Video augmented reality with robust tracking” by Birkbeck, Cheng and Basu

  • ©Neil Birkbeck, Irene Cheng, and Anup Basu

  • ©Neil Birkbeck, Irene Cheng, and Anup Basu




    Video augmented reality with robust tracking



    The goal of our research is to augment a 3D scene with video for a variety of applications, including entertainment and advertisement. In an entertainment application we could add video on to a 3D games environment to both add realism and allow players to pick up clues from video clips. For advertisement, we could add videos of popular soft drinks into a movie; for example, a video advertisement could be added on the side of a building as a helicopter flies by. To make video augmented reality possible, and robust, we need to address several issues; camera registration and rendering, tracking of certain feature planes (e.g., the side of a building or the top of a roof), integrating video into a 3D scene, and invariance to illumination variations, being some important ones.  



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©Neil Birkbeck, Irene Cheng, and Anup Basu

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