“Very Slowly Animating Textiles: Shimmering Flower”

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    Very Slowly Animating Textiles: Shimmering Flower


    Shimmering Flower deploys a simple technology for non- emissive, color-change textiles. It functions as a woven animated display, constructed with conductive yarns and thermochromic inks together with custom electronics components. The textile is woven on a Jacquard loom, which allows the creation of beautiful and complex imagery. The flower image was created with custom drawing software.


    POST, E. R., ORTH, M., RUSSO, P. R. and GERSHENFELD, N. 2000. E-broidery: Design and fabrication of textile-based computing, IBM Systems Journal Volume 39, 3 & 4, 840–860


    This research is funded by the Hexagram Research Institute in Montreal, and by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada.
    I would like to thank Christine Keller for her weaving expertise and Arkadiusz Banasik for his color expertise.
    This research is based on Electric Plaid prototypes I developed at International Fashion Machines, which I co-founded in 2001.

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