“Versatile rigid-fluid coupling for incompressible SPH” by Akinci, Ihmsen, Akinci, Solenthaler and Teschner

  • ©Nadir Akinci, Markus Ihmsen, Gizem Akinci, Barbara Solenthaler, and Matthias Teschner




    Versatile rigid-fluid coupling for incompressible SPH



    We propose a momentum-conserving two-way coupling method of SPH fluids and arbitrary rigid objects based on hydrodynamic forces. Our approach samples the surface of rigid bodies with boundary particles that interact with the fluid, preventing deficiency issues and both spatial and temporal discontinuities. The problem of inhomogeneous boundary sampling is addressed by considering the relative contribution of a boundary particle to a physical quantity. This facilitates not only the initialization process but also allows the simulation of multiple dynamic objects. Thin structures consisting of only one layer or one line of boundary particles, and also non-manifold geometries can be handled without any additional treatment. We have integrated our approach into WCSPH and PCISPH, and demonstrate its stability and flexibility with several scenarios including multiphase flow.


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