“Velocity-based Compression of 3D Animated Rotations” by Goodhue

  • ©David Goodhue



Entry Number: 14


    Velocity-based Compression of 3D Animated Rotations



    Modern video game engines feature animation compression built using algorithms which offer fast runtime decompression. In comparison to other state-of-the-art industry techniques, we present new methods by which better compression ratios can be realized without significantly impacting performance.
    We first present a technique for reconstructing a stream of sparsely-keyed rotations from a sequence of angular velocities. Next, we encode those velocities as consecutive deltas, making it possible to use much smaller key sizes. As a final enhancement, we allow the speed component of our angular velocity to in some cases receive influence from velocity keys which do not specify an axis of rotation. Instead, the axis remains unchanged from the previous frame’s velocity, yielding smaller data on those frames.



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