“User-Interface Design for Work, Home, and on the Way” by Marcus, Ball, Chen, Guan and Kochavi

  • ©Aaron Marcus, Luke Ball, Eugene Chen, Larry Guan, and Uri Kochavi



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    User-Interface Design for Work, Home, and on the Way

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    Market: existing national and global products and customer bases, including cross-cultural issues. Compatibility: corporate clients with multiple user interfaces, browsers, platforms. Industry standards: ISO, ANSI, intellectual property, and CHI/IEEE activities. Branding: establishment of strong corporate and product identity. Development environment: establishment of user-interface design teams. User-centered design: customizability for developers and end users. Productivity: relation to documentation, training, and marketing. 

    Skillful graphic design of graphical user interfaces for networked or stand-alone performance or productivity tools, mobile devices, information-appliances, and the Web, is critical to the success of innovative products. This course gives software developers, visual designers, interaction designers, marketers, and business managers valuable insight into essential design issues and how to achieve powerful, effective visual communication that improves usability and appeal. Extensively illustrated lectures cover perceptual, conceptual, and communication issues in typography, symbol systems, color, spatial composition, animation, and sequencing. 


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