“Unequal error protection for wavelet-based wireless mesh transmission” by Wu and Agu

  • ©Fan Wu and Emmanuel Agu




    Unequal error protection for wavelet-based wireless mesh transmission



     The increased popularity of networked graphics applications that utilize 3D models, necessitates the storage and transmission of large meshes. To mitigate low wireless bandwidths, we propose a wavelet-based framework that permits progressive transmission and  rendering of large 3D models. A server only needs to send connec- tivity information of a base mesh and corresponding wavelet coeffi- cients to mobile devices, saving bandwidth and memory. However,  wireless channels exhibit very high bit error rates. Retransmission (or ARQ) and Forward Error Correction (FEC) schemes are the two  most common strategies for handling transmission errors. We pro- pose a new transmission method that reduces packet loss caused by  wireless errors. Our scheme uses a FEC technique based on the  principle of Unequal Error Protection (UEP) to make mesh trans- mission more error resilient.  [1] previously applied the UEP method to Compressed Progres- sive Meshes (CPMs). Our work focusses on applying UEP tech- niques to wavelet-based wireless mesh transmission.  



    1. G. Al-Regib and Y. Altunbasak. An unequal error protection method for packet loss resilient 3d mesh transmission,. IEEE INFOCOM, ’02.

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