“UbiHand: a wearable input device for 3D interaction” by Ahmad and Musilek

  • ©Farooq Ahmad and Petr Musilek

  • ©Farooq Ahmad and Petr Musilek




    UbiHand: a wearable input device for 3D interaction



    Increasing interest in virtual and augmented reality is encouraging the development of unobtrusive, intuitive input interfaces for gesture recognition and 3D interaction. Current approaches require the user to wear instrumented gloves, or rely on fixed cameras that lack precise finger tracking. The UbiHand is an input device that uses a miniature wrist-worn camera to track finger position, providing a natural and compact wearable input interface. A hand model is used to generate a 3D representation of the hand, and a gesture recognition system can interpret finger movements as commands.


    1. Ahmad, F., and Musilek, P. 2006. A keystroke and pointer control input interface for wearable computers. In Proceedings of Fourth IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom’06), IEEE, 2–11.

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©Farooq Ahmad and Petr Musilek

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