“Trolls World Tour: Desert Bling” by Woo and Rizeakos

  • ©Youxi Woo and Doug Rizeakos

  • ©Youxi Woo and Doug Rizeakos

  • ©Youxi Woo and Doug Rizeakos

  • ©Youxi Woo and Doug Rizeakos

  • ©Youxi Woo and Doug Rizeakos



Entry Number: 31


    Trolls World Tour: Desert Bling



    The fantastically realistic environment of Trolls World Tour took a detour into a blistering desert made purely with flecks of glitter. In order to capture the Trolls Glitter Desert experience, we blended the visual expectations of a sand-filled desert with the physical nature of flattened glitter pieces. We found the need to develop mathematical procedurals to integrate with various simulation techniques, and create a hand-drawn keyframe system to choreograph the glitter with 2d artistic control. We built custom USD software with performance increases of almost 10 times native cook times in order to work with the millions of sparkly plastic glitter instances, and integrated it with shaders for our proprietary MoonRay renderer.


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