“Transcalibur : Dynamic 2D Haptic Shape Illusion of Virtual Object by Weight Moving VR Controller” by Shigeyama, Hashimoto, Yoshida, Aoki, Narumi, et al. …


Entry Number: 29


    Transcalibur : Dynamic 2D Haptic Shape Illusion of Virtual Object by Weight Moving VR Controller



    We introduce a dynamic weight moving VR controller for 2d haptic shape rendering using a haptic shape illusion. This allows users to perceive the feeling of various shapes in virtual space with a single controller. In this paper, we describe the mechanical design of prototype device that drives weight on a 2d planar area to alter mass properties of the hand-held controller. Based on the experiment, our system succeeded in providing shape perception over a wide range. We discuss limitation and further capability of our device. 


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