“Training Assistant : Strengthen Your Tactical Nous with Proficient Virtual Basketball Players” by Tsai and Hu

  • ©Wan-Lun Tsai and Min-Chun Hu

  • ©Wan-Lun Tsai and Min-Chun Hu

  • ©Wan-Lun Tsai and Min-Chun Hu



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    Training Assistant : Strengthen Your Tactical Nous with Proficient Virtual Basketball Players



    Tactic training plays a crucial role in basketball offensive plays. With the aid of virtual reality, we propose a framework to improve the effectiveness and experience of tactic learning. The framework consists of a tactic input device and a wireless VR interaction system, which allows the user to conveniently input target tactic and practice in a high-fidelity circumstance. By the assistance of our VR training system, the user can vividly experience how the tactics are executed by viewing from the a specific player’s viewing direction. Additionally, tactic movement guidance, action hint of how to offense aggressively, and virtual defenders are rendered in our system to make the training more realistic. By using the proposed framework, players can strengthen their tactical nous and improve the efficiency of tactic training. 


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