“Topology-constrained surface reconstruction from cross-sections” by Zou, Holloway, Carr and Ju

  • ©Ming Zou, Michelle Holloway, Nathan Aaron Carr, and Tao Ju




    Topology-constrained surface reconstruction from cross-sections



    In this work we detail the first algorithm that provides topological control during surface reconstruction from an input set of planar cross-sections. Our work has broad application in a number of fields including surface modeling and biomedical image analysis, where surfaces of known topology must be recovered. Given curves on arbitrarily oriented cross-sections, our method produces a manifold interpolating surface that exactly matches a user-specified genus. The key insight behind our approach is to formulate the topological search as a divide-and-conquer optimization process which scores local sets of topologies and combines them to satisfy the global topology constraint. We further extend our method to allow image data to guide the topological search, achieving even better results than relying on the curves alone. By simultaneously satisfying both geometric and topological constraints, we are able to produce accurate reconstructions with fewer input cross-sections, hence reducing the manual time needed to extract the desired shape.


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