“Theory and Practice of “Tour Into the Picture”” by Anjyo and Horry

  • ©Ken-ichi (Ken) Anjyo and Youichi Horry



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    Theory and Practice of "Tour Into the Picture"

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    Basic knowledge of 3D computer graphics. Working knowledge of rendering, modeling, and animation helpful. Programming experience using a 3D library useful but not required.

    Topics Covered
    Basic and practical techniques used in image-based rendering approaches, such as texture/projection mapping and image warping, and a more general and theoretical approach to designing a GUI for image-based rendering.

    In-depth exposition of a new image-based rendering technique, “Tour Into the Picture” (TIP), which was originally presented at SIGGRAPH 97. This technique gives a unique and powerful GUI for making “visually 3D” animation from a single 2D picture or photograph. The course gave practical and detailed guidance on how to use TIP, along with many animations and real-time demonstrations. The course also focused on theoretical aspects of TIP, including features and applications not discussed in the original paper.

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    Mary Whitton


    Charles Babbage Institute Archives, University of Minnesota

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