“The Web as a Procedural Sketchbook” by Perlin

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    The Web as a Procedural Sketchbook

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    The first module requires no prerequisites. The second module requires knowledge of C or Java or an equivalent language. Participants may benefit more from some subtopics if they have a knowledge of graphics.

    Intended Audience
    People who are familiar with programming and want to communicate their ideas to a larger community.

    Ideas that effectively integrate new technology with new visual design can be quickly developed and published on the web, using only Java applets. This course uses a selection of applets as illustrative examples to show how you can rapidly develop and publish new ideas on the web. Attendees learn to use Java applets to quickly disseminate visual and procedural ideas (animation, modeling, design, gameplay paradigms, etc.). The course provides source code for an extensive set of libraries that enable rapid development of applets.


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