“The Water Effects of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales”

  • ©Rob Hopper and Kai Wolter

  • ©Rob Hopper and Kai Wolter



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    The Water Effects of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales



    For Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales MPC faced the creative challenge to produce highly believable ocean and water effects interacting with full-CG ships and characters. This included pirate ships emerging from the bottom of the sea, a parting ocean giving space to an enormous three dimensional set, and a model ship in a bottle containing a full-sized ocean. The varied scale and nature of these effects required us to rethink our simulation techniques and toolset. In this talk we present our approaches to animate, simulate and render these using our newly developed ocean toolkit and tighter integration of Autodesk Bifrost and SideFX Houdini into our FX and rendering pipeline.


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    To Axel Akesson, Andrzej Bandurski, Dionysis Bouloutzas, Jeroen Desmet, Ole Gier Eidsheim, Francisco Gochez, Patrik Hadorn, To- bias Hauck, Michael Hipp, Igor Jovanovic, Shahid Malik, Tim Marinov, Chuang Niu, Oleksandr Panaskevyc, Davide Sabilia, Fabia`Serra Arrizabalaga, Sheldon Stopsack, Erdem Taylan, Diego Trazzi and Luca Vitali for their contribution to this development.


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