“The user’s view of CAD/CAM” Moderated by

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    The user's view of CAD/CAM



    “The User’s View of CAD/CAM” will share the experience gained in over 50 man-years of day-to-day use of CAD/CAM systems. Six industry segments are represented in this presentation. In addition, a wide range of systems costing under $50,000 to over $1,000,000 will be discussed. There is good news and bad news. All panelists admit to improved productivity and/or reduced design cycle time, but all is not free. You will hear about what it takes to operate and support CAD/CAM systems. Subjects include facilities planning, cost effectiveness, training, internal support requirements, and more. Here is your chance to hear practical and common sense comments about what CAD/CAM can and cannot do for you.

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