“The Technology and Practice of Digital Cinema (D-cinema)” by Poynton, Harrison, Kerlow, Meyers, Ramamurthy, et al. …

  • ©Charles A. Poynton, Chuck Harrison, Isaac Victor Kerlow, Fred Meyers, Arjun Ramamurthy, and Bill Werner



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    The Technology and Practice of Digital Cinema (D-cinema)

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    Some experience creating or manipulating digital images. Familiarity with film or video, and with color science and color image coding, perhaps gained through attending a color course at a previous SIGGRAPH conference.

    D-cinema image coding, acquisition, real-time recording, color issues, display technology, transfer of film to D-cinema release, and D-cinema exhibition.

    HDTV equipment using the 1920 x 1080 image format now achieves spatial resolution comparable to film. Efforts are nearly complete to adapt HDTV cameras and recorders to the 24 frames per second of film. And electronic projection now matches the brightness and spatial resolution of the cinema. This course describes the technology of D-cinema acquisition and display, and discusses the interface between D-cinema and digital-image creation and editing.



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