“The SIGGRAFFITI Wall: Multi-Input Painting” by Dunn-Roberts and Warner

  • ©Richard Dunn-Roberts and Dave Warner




    The SIGGRAFFITI Wall: Multi-Input Painting



    The SIGGRAFFITI Wall is a 3D virtual canvas that allows simultaneous input by multiple artists through various input devices. Some input devices are 2D, while others are 3D.The 3D input devices are used to create a virtual sculpture, while the 2D input devices are used to create texture maps on transparent polygonal virtual walls surrounding the sculpture.
    One input device is a large wall space allowing artists of all ages to make their “marks” by throwing beanbags at the wall. As each beanbag hits the wall, a paint-splat primitive with time-varying characteristics appears on the transparent, 2D texture-map. Meanwhile, an artist using a glove input device is creating the 3D sculpture in the center of the virtual creation space, which onlookers view through the paint-splat wall. Other users may be finger-painting on the 2D texture maps from touch-screens, or drawing with lasers. The works of art can be saved and printed out by the hour or the day.
    This is an ongoing creative process, created live at SIGGRAPH 99, just for the fun of it!

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