“The Renderman Interface and Shading Language” Chaired by Anthony (Tony) Apodaca

  • ©Anthony (Tony) Apodaca, Philip (Phil) D. Beffrey, Mark Dippe, Patrick (Pat) Hanrahan, Darwyn Peachey, and Steve Upstill



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    The Renderman Interface and Shading Language

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    The RenderMan Interface is a 3D scene description interface for realistic image synthesis. This course explores both the geometric modeling interface, for describing the shapes and positions of objects in a scene, and the Shading Language, for describing appearance characteristics of those objects. Rendering algorithms and renderer implementations are not discussed; rather, the use of interface features is described. Many useful Shading Language techniques are demonstrated, examining several examples of successful images and animations which made extensive use of RenderMan and the Shading Language.

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