“The reality helmet: a wearable interactive experience” by Fallman, Jalkanen, Lörstad, Waterworth and Westling

  • ©Daniel Fallman, Kalle Jalkanen, Henrik Lörstad, John Waterworth, and Jonas Westling




    The reality helmet: a wearable interactive experience



    The Reality Helmet is an interactive experience, in which the user’s vision and hearing is shielded off from the world. Video and sound is nevertheless recorded by the Reality Helmet, but through computer processing it presents sound to the user as vision, and likewise, vision is turned into a soundscape. The result is a form of artificial synesthesia. Other than as an appreciated art installation, which seems to make people calm and reflective, the Reality Helmet is used to explore relationships between the wearer’s sense of presence and the kind of realism provided by the interactive environment.


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