“The Open Source Swimming Hole; C’mon In The Water’s Fine^h^h^h^h Murky” by Bredow, Pearce, Polson, Roosendaal and Gambrel

  • ©Rob Bredow, Andrew Pearce, Bill Polson, Ton Roosendaal, and Kevin Gambrel




    The Open Source Swimming Hole; C’mon In The Water’s Fine^h^h^h^h Murky


Project Affiliation:

    Sony Pictures Imageworks, DreamWorks Animation, Pixar Animation Studios, Blender Foundation, and Disney Animation Studios


    Open Source Software (OSS) has become an integral piece of the ever-expanding Animation and Visual Effects industry. With OSS firmly implemented into many studios’ production and development pipelines, what has been gained? Professionals within these fields will discuss the challenges and benefits of using OSS, reflecting on how the industry has changed as a result. They will look back on their own innovations that have become widespread within the community, in addition to revealing what future developments are in the works.
    The panelists represent a community of developers and enthusiasts who encourage open collaboration, as they share their thoughts and experiences with the world.
    Topics Include:
    • What are some legality challenges that arise when implementing OSS into a company’s pipeline?
    • The benefits and disadvantages between closed source and open source software
    • The future of OSS in various studio settings
    • Updates and new developments from the panelists

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