“The online customer-built WEB3D middleware system for arts and crafts” by Yao, Xie, Lin, ji, Lin, et al. …

  • ©Junfeng Yao, Xiaobiao Xie, Fengchun Lin, Xufa ji, Xiaoyan Lin, and Andy Ju An Wang



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    The online customer-built WEB3D middleware system for arts and crafts



    Recently, Xiamen University and Flying Information Technology Co., Ltd worked together and completed the development of The Online Custom-Built WEB3D Middleware System for Arts and Crafts, which will perform as a product 3D design and display center, its main features include the product demonstration background change, 3-Dimension design, 3-Dimension product display, product component reorganization and product material replacement.


    Chen, Qi; Yao, Junfeng, Research and design of 3D presentation system based on J2ME, Journal of Information and Computational Science, 2008, Vol5(1):p241–24.Google Scholar

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